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One form, 10 questions, and hit submit. Bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc.

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$10 per month. It's visible the second you pay. You can try it for free.

Put Your AR Ad Anywhere!

HouseAR lets you place Augmented Reality Ads for Properties, Rentals and Ads anywhere. Try it today!


Ads for your property appear like floating holograms at the home.


Nothing makes a rental property more visible than 3D.


Place an ad right where you want it. Grab attention!

Any good restaurants nearby?

HouseAR shows you all the nearby Restaurants, Schools and Subway stops.

Your dream home means living well.

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The ultimate App to find a home

Finding a house can be as fun as finding Pokemon. XRayVison technology lets you see through buildings to find nearby homes for sale.

Go Ahead and Wander

The best way to experience what its like to live in a place is to actually be there. When you're walking around a city, really experiencing it, use HouseAR to see what homes are for sale.

Living here.

HouseAR is designed to show you what it's like to live where you're house shopping. You can see schools, restaurants, subways stops and other locations to appreciate what it's like to live where you walk.

It's FUN!

Finding your dream home can be fun! HouseAR is like playing a game, where the prize is your dream home. Try it today!

Using it.

The perfect tool to find your dream life!

"We were thinking of moving to Charleston for some time and we went down for a weekend to check things out. We explored the city."

Finding Your Dreamhome


HouseAR automatically finds Homes for sale and Rental properties as you walk around. XRayVision lets you see through walls to find your home. You can get the pulse of the city and have all you need in the palm of your hand.

"It was a really fun way to explore the city and search for a dream home. Seeing the restaurant, school and property locations in real-time in AR was really cool! "

Living Well

Restaurants, Schools and Subway Stops

We know that living well means knowing how you'll get to work, where your children go to school and where to have dinner. Doing it in AR is so much more fun.

XRAYVizion App: See things ONLY in AR

Just want the AR XRAYVizion? Now there's a second app that's ONLY in AR without the map.

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AR Property or AR Ad?

What do you want to do in AR? Do it.



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  • 3D real-time Avatar
  • Link it to your website
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